to the pages of Business & Innovation Management Consulting. We are a consultancy specializing in business development and innovation concept design and execution for the Media, OTT, Entertainment, ITC, Telecommunications and eCommerce | Retail industries. We offer dedicated advise on digital concepts for all other industries.


We support you and your employees in all phases of your growth planning and operational execution process for example by initiating, revising, scrutinizing, critical reasoning and reinforcing digital growth projects in the fields of 


- Business Development
- Internationalization
- Innovative Products & Services
- Start-Ups & Spin-Offs


We support you with fresh and innovative insights and ideas for new products, customer segments or new business units. For various challenges in customer, product and brand management, we develop jointly with your employees viable business and service concepts supported with business cases and performance scorecards. Prior to implementation - upon request - a pilot is set-up to check the business model and to validate core assumptions.

Digital Think Tank

After many years of project experience the Digital Innovation Think Tank was created as a concept factory for new digital business opportunities in all industries. In addition a strong emphasize is laid on developing sustainable digital job profiles.


Currently, for three business models investors are searched for. One concept paper is looking for discussion partners with background in Network Systems Manufacturing | Supplying as well as Banking | Financial Services.

Our Passion

Our passion is to create long-term digital growth impulses jointly with our customers. Driven by dedication and triggered with a deliberate and pragmatic approach we conduct a careful set of analyses on the real customer value as well as on practicability, feasibility, invest, and competitors` activities to finally recommend solutions. We are successful if we manage to  inspire our customers´ employees for tackling up new digital opportunities.

Social Responsibility

Digital technologies disclose particular potentials. The borderless digital education and know how transfer is the basis for the school of everyday life, the foundation of villages, communities and cities up to the formation of strong governments and states. The Digital Think Tank designs business models for Digital Social Enterprises - worldwide.