Bettina Muthler is the Executive of Business & Innovation Management Consulting and the Digital Innovation Think Tank. She brings with her almost 20 years of international consulting experience. Bettina focuses on business strategy, innovation management, marketing and customer relationship management in the media industries, in telecommunications (Fixed | Mobile), (e)Retail, and Financial Services. She has also gained a thorough understanding of the tourism and banking industry.


As the founder of Business & Innovation Management Consulting she is concerned with various growth challenges of her clients. From ideas to complex business models Bettina is a keen analyst, strategist, idea generator, and passionately about defining exciting and competitive products and service concepts for mass markets by simultaneously inspire customer employees for new ideas.  


What really drives her are innovative ideas and an effective product and platform design as well as pragmatic implementation approaches for digital business models and new digital employment models. Her focus is set on client and residential customer views and a unique product and brand message, which is not always unique  - but in any case convincingly differentiated, with refinement and to be positioned profitably.


Bettina has also developed the Digital Innovation Think Tank as a platform for the realization of new and pragmatic business opportunities. Current focus sectors are Education & Science (Viral Science), Media & Distribution, Community Services and eCommerce business models. Bettina devotes sabbatical time to private initiatives so as to position and market the charity concept of the Merry Men Press and the Merry Men Ecosystem internationally. The Merry Men Press will be the first charitable (online) media store selling ebooks and books, online music and music, videos, movies & tv streaming offers, digital art, etc (www.merrymenpress.net).


Through an English degree already underway internationally early, she gained diverse business development experience through projects in France, England, Canada, and Hong Kong.


Bettina holds an International Business degree from Sheffield Hallam University and a bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from Fachhochschule Würzburg.