I am a passionate innovation and business development geek with a "Think Different" & "Think Big" attitude towards business planning and execution, having served for almost 25 years in the media, tourism, telecommunications, retail and financial industries. Delivering inspiring, innovative, and challenging product propositions in various lifecycles and delivered by amazing international teams – growing from start-ups up to MNEs – is what drives me happy.


Business development is all about growing beyond borders and developing people | consumers – and yourself. A data and research wizard since the beginning, I love to dive into people´s secrets, their desires, their hidden thoughts, and their demonstrated consumer behaviors and make suggestions for their future likings and preferences alongside various journeys and process chains of execution.


In mixed teams, consulting and project management skills have proved to be fundamentally beneficial. I have learned, to appraise every problem. As soon as the problem is defined, the solution already is in execution. I have specialized in four exquisite fields of growth strategies:

- Business Development.

- Internationalization Strategies.

- Product & Portfolio Innovations.

- Start-Up Consulting & Enablement.

- Growth via Licensing Agreements & Franchising Concepts.


Besides my corporate consulting work for corporates such as Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems, and ePlus, start-up venturing and social businesses have caught my attention. With the Digital Innovation Think Tank as the roof brand for our venture activities, I follow the dream to build and set up digital ventures which meet both commercial and social objectives and have an impact on everyone´s lives. 


Already underway internationally early, I have gained diverse project experience via innovation and business development projects in France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Hong Kong. I have earned an international business degree from Sheffield Hallam University, and a bachelors degree in business administration from Fachhochschule Würzburg (Würzburg University of Applied Sciences) with the main subjects Business Policy, International Marketing, International Finance, and Media Management.


My little nephew @ three once asked me – when reading “The Little Witch” whether I am already 128 years of age? Whenever I feel like 128 years of age, I can perfectly relax with a book, a visit to an art exhibition, a little swim, a country walk, and extensive travels to explore the world. Always highly appreciated: Good talks with inspiring and like-minded people about venturing into new business ideas. So let's talk.


Specialties in a Nutshell: Business Development, Area & Business Strategy Development & Roadmap Execution, Product Design & Proposition Market Planning.